IoT Application Enablement and Device Management Platforms

These platforms handle tasks like provisioning software, device management, secure data storage, and analytics. For a company that’s just adopting IoT, it enables rapid deployment and iteration. And in a more mature IoT operation, these platforms save hours of work by making maintenance a one-click job.

Windows 10 IoT Core runs on small devices and wearables, with or without display. You can complete IoT Core functionality with the following optional services. Speak with a our IoT experts to get your IoT solution to market faster. Simplify IoT administration and protect deployments from any threat — internal or external — with our IoT platforms’ powerful features. Firmware is a part of Internet of Things devices that you can’t see, measure or control. Discover how PTC customers achieve their digital transformation goals and solve pressing business problems using ThingWorx.


An IoT Connectivity Platform is used to manage and monitor the communication protocols that connect devices across WiFi, bluetooth, and mobile internet. These platforms provide a user-friendly interface for the provisioning and management of devices across whichever networks you need to use in the moment. IoT platforms help reduce those operations’ energy consumption, improve safety and security, and enable real-time analytics. Data workflows spanning different departments can be built on a user-friendly interface, so there’s no need for in-house developer talent. What’s more, once your services are in customers’ hands, an IoT platform can provide detailed insights into user behavior, enabling more targeted marketing and product development.

We bring together together all the functionality needed to easily deploy smart metering and asset tracking projects. The Platform provides all the technical features required , packaged as Solutions Templates for even faster deployments. From the processing of data from your devices, to the implementation of dashboards for your Assets . GPS geolocation, Geolocation of the Antenna used for data communication, LBS position estimation, Declarative Static Location. Supports device authentication and device credentials management.

Businesses can utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to transform data into insights and actions.

Nick Brown is the founder & CEO of accelerate, a SaaS SEO agency. Nick has launched several successful online businesses, writes for Forbes, published a book and has grown accelerate from a UK based agency to a company that now operates across US, APAC and EMEA. When choosing an IoT platform vendor for your organization, it’s important to consider which stage of development and execution your company is at. Depending on where you are as a business, you might need to use one or all of them to get the results you desire.

IoT Platforms and Software

It accommodates a broad array of tasks, including asset tracking, fleet management, predictive maintenance, environmental monitoring, real-time order fulfillment and remote monitoring and controls. We provide device and connectivity management in addition to application enablement using advanced edge software. Our IoT platforms are prebuilt with device drivers, application connectors and more. A fully managed cloud service for device administration, scalable and flexible connectivity options, secure communications, and data lifecycle management is an IoT platform built on IBM Cloud. With IBM Watson IoT, you may collect data from equipment, structures, tools, assets, and other objects.

What is the growth rate of the Global Revenues for Third Party IoT Platforms Market?

Hardware, and data directing necessary for keeping their devices online. Their networks generally rely on existing carrier services and Wi-Fi, configuring the connection in a way that allows for easy IoT setup. The IoT device platforms you used pre-market fit might be too expensive or bloated to deploy at scale. At this stage, it’s common to completely redesign your IoT device to meet your specific product and company goals. For this stage, you can also leverage hardware components like Arduino, Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi, or the OEM version of CompactRIO as the core of your device. Your hardware engineering team can use these building blocks as part of your own custom hardware to create a semi-custom IoT device.

IoT Platforms and Software

This new 160-page study analyses the latest developments on the IoT connectivity management, device management and application enablement platform markets. The analyst estimates that total revenues for third party IoT platforms will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.5 percent from US$ 4.2 billion in 2021 to US$ 9.4 billion in 2026. Get up to date with the latest trends and information about vendors, products and markets. AWS IoT is designed to auto-provision, manage and support connected systems from the edge to the cloud.

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Find out how to build an AI-powered financial assistant app to help your clients meet this challenge. Make sure that the platform works when you’re small and just beginning, but will also work when you’re large and growing fast. Learn about our company history and our mission to accelerate digital transformation and amplify human potential.

IoT Platforms and Software

The analyst conducts many hundreds of executive interviews on a yearly basis with companies from all parts of the IoT value chain. They talk to on a regular basis all major mobile operator groups and regulators as well as the chipset, module, and terminal vendors. They also interview many companies in each of the vertical markets. “The projects included in the top-500 list together account for approximately 480 million active cellular IoT subscriptions”, said Rickard Andersson, Principal Analyst. He adds that this corresponds to as much as 22.8 percent of the total number of cellular IoT connections worldwide at the end of 2021.

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Various manufacturing, service, and engineering situations all make use of the specialized Industrial Internet of Things platform ThingWorx. The platform solves issues that are prevalent throughout industries, iot platform such as remote monitoring, asset optimization, worker efficiency, and maintenance. By assigning data flows to local or multi-cloud settings, Edge Intelligence streamlines data processing.

  • is an end-to-end IoT platform that provides IoT hardware development platform, connectivity, device cloud, and apps.
  • With so much data coming from different devices and customers running different software versions, data might need a lot of complex formatting to fit on one unified database.
  • It also provides Device Cloud, IoT Rules Engineer, Device OS, and developers tools as IoT software.
  • This way, Tessel can be used to host several servers and hardware firmware IoT solutions.
  • Berg Insight presents a unique database covering the 500 largest cellular IoT deployments identified as part of the company’s world-class IoT market research activities since 2004.
  • ThingWorx Flow offers powerful orchestration capabilities in a visual environment.
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