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Other groups get pretty upset if you use it.

Very great blog, I’ll share with my boyfriend so he can study I guess it is really tricky for me to reveal slangs considering that i use them daily, you are really excellent with words… Properly, I could only say in Sinaloa we say chilo instead chido and we use the phrase morra for female (morro for guy), congratulations for your weblog and many thanks for loving my country Huey is used as a putdown for the reason that a bull has horns and a time period for having cheated on is » te pusieron los cuernos» meaning you got horned ergo… the bull has horns and the other title for a bull is huey as a result the time period » te hicieron huey»This site is great, I’m understanding a fantastic offer. I would like to know what the young generation eighteen-25 12 months olds say. Do they have unique sayings that we do?Bueno cabrones, ya que leyeron este blog site, pueden disfrutar de esta pinche rola que se encuentra aqui.

Subanle, ponganse a pistear, y no se me agüiten. Ajuua. It’s buey a castareted bull. Your definition of buey is accurate, but in this situation it truly is surely güey, and it’s a lot more widespread colloquial spelling is wey.

This spelling is also accepted by the RAE:You’re most welcome, TC. By the way, I have handed your fantastic site together to my son who teaches Spanish. Now that we’re into layers of esoterica, some may recall that the ubiquitous «a huevo» relished an echo expression: «A Wilbur»–probably no more time extant.

Readers who get pleasure from the trajectory of this website must examine an amazing vintage, «Picardía Mexicana» by A. Jiménez. It has some fantastic chistes, albures, cartoons and pleasurable sections like «Clasificación Ciéntifica del Pedo». And, for unlimited versions of «chingar», «El Chingolés» is the top authority.

«El Laberinto de la Soledad» (which you´ve already alluded to) is of training course an incomparable masterwork in terms of dissecting the Mexican psyche. Great ideas, many thanks.

And no, I’ve in no way read A Wilbur. jajaja. I believe the precise term you are exploring for with Wey and Guey is Buey, which is the phrase for a castrated bull. I am an American married to a Mexican and he and all his mates do use this word virtually like we’d use dude.

Also, chido suggests lovable, as well as great. A further matter it is highly irreverent for a woman to use no mames, especially in blended firm, It basically translates to no sucking, this means no blowjob, my husband states. Wey is the most prevalent spelling of güey that I’ve viewed, that means dude as you pointed out.

As for ladies not employing no mames, that has not been my experience. I hear men and girls using this all the time in the streets of Tijuana (even in blended organization), and consistently in videos and YouTube films. It is really used a large amount, by anyone. And I’ve never ever heard it translated as no blowjob. A blowjob could be referred to as a mamada or a guaguis (not confident about spelling, but that’s how it sounds).

Hey, this website appears under no circumstances to end–and it never should really, it’s so wonderful!! I am an outdated gringo «pedo viejo» who stumbled on this and, through this, has stumbled again to his almost forgotten youth. Just about every one factor, or practically so, described by these fantastic contributors has struck a chord of memory with me, from the times of my youth (1960’s) «andando por las calles del DF con mi compadre Enrique, también conocido como ‘el Rey de los Golfos’, ‘El Siete Vidas’ y ‘El Güero Broncas’ «. Enrique spent some formative many years in Tepito wherever los tepiteños spoke their individual slang version of Spanish, where «¿No sábanas?» was employed for «¿No sabes?» and «simón» and «nel» were the usual forms for «sí» and «no».

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